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“They worked really well, as advertised,” declared customer Gordon Murphy.

“I like them.  I’m very impressed!” said customer Vicky Smith.

Both Gordon and Vicky are talking about their automatic disappearing screens installed by Utah Clearview. 

Beyond just the product, customers I spoke with are equally impressed with the friendliness, promptness, and customer service of the company.


“…I love how it retracts.  It’s easy to use.  It’s hidden, you don’t even notice it…”

-Ally Sweeney, Utah Clearview Customer


“I had a little problem with the screen,” Ally Sweeney told me.  “They came out the very next day and fixed it for free.”

“They can really turn it around in a hurry,” said Vicky Smith.  “And, they answer their phone.  There’s no runaround.  You don’t find that much anymore in the construction business.”

All that is exactly what company owner Tony Traven wants to hear.  “We have got a great product.  When people see it, they like it.  So, with that advantage, we have a company culture to make the whole purchase, install, and follow up a pleasant experience.”

In addition to all that, I have independently investigated the background of Utah Clearview, and its owner Tony Traven.  I have looked into their licensing, insurance, court records and what their customers think of their product and service.  As a result, I trust and endorse Utah Clearview, and I am proud to declare the company as Gephardt Approved.


“…I really like the product.  It’s so much better than others…”

-Vicky Smith, Utah Clearview Customer


(Utah Clearview owner Tony Traven also owns a complimentary company called QC Utah.  QC Utah installs attic placed whole house fans.  I say the companies are complimentary because the idea of each is to get fresh air into homes and businesses.  While customers purchase the screens and whole-house fans separately, they can be purchased together.   QC Utah is also a Gephardt Approved company, and their profile can be accessed here.)

Owner Tony Traven got involved with Utah Clearview from personal experience.  He needed a screen door on his patio because the ones he had he did not like.  “They slammed back when you opened them, and they really were not good quality.  So, I found Clearview screens, but they don’t have a distributor in Utah.  I installed it myself.  They’re great.  They don’t snap back and they are clear.  They are great quality.  I love them.  But, I reached out to the owner and asked if you need somebody in Utah.  That was the beginning.”


“…They are very easy to work with..prompt, polite…”

-Vicky Smith, Utah Clearview Customer


So, now, you’ll see Tony Traven at home shows all over Utah.

Vicky Smith says she has 216 rental units in Midvale, Utah and is working to get Utah Clearview screens on as many units as possible.  “I really like the product,” she told me.  “It’s so much better than other screens, and it disappears!! 

“I have screens on my home, and I’m replacing them with Utah Clearview screens.”

“The people are going to be happy with my product,” says owner Tony.  “There are no issues, but if one comes up, I’ll fix it.”

“They really are a great company,” said customer Gordon Murphy.  “I asked a ton of questions, and he patiently answered them all.  And they are prompt.  The job was done in a day.”

So Utah Clearview:  Now you know what my background investigation revealed, and you know what customers have told me.  And now you know why I am proud to stand by and endorse the company, and why I am proud to declare Utah Clearview as Gephardt Approved.

Customer Ally Sweeney:  “I love how it retracts and you hardly notice it.”

Customer Vicky Smith: "They are very easy to work with.. prompt, polite."

Customer Gordon Murphy: “My granddaughter walked right into it, and it fixed itself.  Amazing.  I really like it.”

--Bill Gephardt