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“These guys actually come to your home,” raved customer Dan Stewart.

“Yep, they put on new tires right in your driveway,” said customer Tyler Call.  “It’s a great concept!”

Dan and Tyler are talking about Tread Connection in Utah.  The whole idea is they deliver, install, balance, and repair the tires of your car at your home or business.

Tread Connection owners Aaron Mason and Danny Hansen are proud that they are disrupters in the tire business.  “We are changing the way the industry works,” said Aaron.  Danny added, “The waiting room is no longer at the tire store.  From now on, the waiting room is in your own kitchen or office.”

 “…I’m telling everyone I can about them…”

-Debi Muir, Customer

I have investigated Tread Connection.   My team looked at licensing, insurance, federal and state court records, and consumer sources.  We looked into the backgrounds of the owners.  And, we investigated how customers felt they were treated.  As a result of that investigation, I trust Tread Connection and its owners.  I am proud to endorse the company, and stand by them with my $1000 consumer refund guarantee.  I am proud to declare Tread Connection as Gephardt Approved. 

“…We are often cheaper than tire stores…”

-Aaron Mason, Owner, Tread Connection

“I am telling everyone I can about them,” customer Debi Muir told me.  She was actually rescued by Tread Connection owner Danny Hansen.  Debi says she had a flat tire on the I-15.  Shortly after she pulled over, so did Danny Hansen right behind her.  He fixed the tire right there on the spot, and the next day, he put 4 new tires on Debi’s car.  “He was like a savior,” she says.  “His personality is amazing.  I’ve been telling everybody I can about Tread Connection.”

Danny told me, “It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I do a good job.  I can see it on my customers’ faces.  Most of the time, they praise you up and down when the job is done.  It really makes this job great!”

“And we are very often cheaper than tire stores,” said his partner Aaron Mason.  “It’s in the overhead.  It costs a million dollars to build a tire store, and we don’t have that expense.  Tire stores generally tack on 3 or 4 different fees in addition to the prices they quote for tires.  We don’t have those fees as we take our trucks to people’s homes and businesses.”

“…This is definitely different, and I like it…”

-Dan Stewart, Customer

“It is so nice that they come to me,” said customer Tina Weber.  “You don’t have to wait.  You just go back in your house and continue doing what you were doing.  Pretty soon, you have new tires.”

Danny Hansen adds that the machines, equipment, and tooling they bring to your home or office is specifically designed for high end, high dollar cars.  “Our machines are designed to mount and dismount tires without damaging the wheel, or rim.  We’ve got quite a niche here because we regularly work on expensive cars, and our equipment never touches the rim when mounting or dismounting the tire.  The equipment only touchs the tire.”

“…honest and fair people you can trust, and I do…”

-Tyler Call, Customer

“This is definitely different, and I like it,” declared customer Dan Stewart.  “They have prompt customer service, and the price is about 10 dollars less per tire than what I have paid elsewhere.”

“I think it’s a great idea,” customer Tyler Call told me.  “I’m looking to have him put on 4 more tires.  They really seem like honest and fair people you can trust, and I do.”

Any customer can get Tread Connection to show up at their Utah home or business simply by visiting the website:  www.treadconnection.com.   Put in your zip code, shop for tires, and make an appointment.

“I made the call and said I need new tires,” Tina Weber told me.  “The next day, they came and fixed my car.  I even paid on-line.”

So, there you go:  Tread Connection.  Now you know my investigation found nothing but positive things about this company.   And, you know customers I talked to raved about the company.  And now you know why I am proud to endorse Tread Connection, and declare the company Gephardt Approved.


--Bill Gephardt

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