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Do you own rental properties whose upkeep and maintenance consumes your life? Have you tried for months to sell your home, and are now considering turning it into a rental property, but have no idea where to begin? Let me introduce you to a company I trust: Safeguard Property Management. I trust them because we have looked into the way they treat their clients as well as their tenants. I trust them because we investigated their business practices and background and found absolutely no problems. As a result, I am proud to endorse Safeguard Property Management as Gephardt Approved.

Company founder, Barney Christiansen, says Safeguard Property Management began in the late ‘70’s. Barney and his father, Joe Christiansen, bought several properties to rent. Barney was also listing and selling properties for clients as their realtor. Barney says that his clients started asking him to manage their properties for them. Soon, he was too busy managing properties to sell real estate. So, in 1984, Safeguard Property Management was formed. “We made some mistakes, at first,” says Barney, “but we learned from them, worked out the kinks, and have been a leader in this industry in the Salt Lake area for years.”

Then, in 1995, Barney tells me that Safeguard Property Management joined the National Association of Residential Property Managers, or NARPM. “We were looking for something that would help raise the standards of professionalism, education, ethical service, and integrity throughout our industry,” he says, “and we found it in NARPM.” Through educational seminars and classes offered through NARPM, Barney says he earned NARPM’s highest and most prestigious honor – that of Master Property Manager. Forming the Utah chapter of NARPM, Barney served as its president for years. “I now have the privilege of serving as NARPM’s National Vice President for the next few years,” he tells me, “ and will be travelling the country educating residential property managers on NARPM’s extensive educational resources, and high standard of ethics.”

Barney said that the first thing he and his team help their prospective clients understand, when they come to Safeguard, is that deciding to own a rental home is deciding to own a business. “They hire us to run their business,” he says, “and the better we take care of their asset; which is their home, and their customer; which is their tenant, the more successful their business will be.” Barney says he has clients that have been with Safeguard for more than twenty years. “We are prepared to handle any situation that may arise,” he says, “and consult with the owner regarding any major expenditure.” Working with a ‘tried and true’ group of subcontractors, Barney says Safeguard is able to handle anything from regular maintenance, to housekeeping and yard care, to major remodeling.

Barney tells me they screen every potential tenant. “We run a credit and criminal check on every prospective tenant, as well as call their landlords and employers,” he says. “We know if we put the right tenants in the right home, there will hardly ever be problems.” With over 30 years of experience in this industry, Barney says he and his team know their clients trust them to do the right thing, when it comes to their home. “It’s important to us that we cultivate that relationship,” he says, “and that our clients know we will do everything we can to make their business successful.”

Now you know what I know about this property management company and you now know the attitude of the founder. Between a strong background of experience, and commitment to ethics, I trust them, and I am proud to endorse Safeguard Property Management as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt

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11075 South State Street, Suite 5A, Sandy, Utah, United States
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