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Landlords and tenants hear this: If you’re looking for a company you can trust to handle all sides of rental property, you can turn to a company I trust: Real Property Management.

I trust this company, because we investigated not only the main company and its officials, but also the individual franchise owners, including Mike Fisher and Mark Watts of Murray, Utah.

As a result, I stand by, trust, and endorse Real Property Management, and I’m proud to declare the company Gephardt Approved.


- Kirk McGary, Co-Founder/CEO

“Nobody in the country is doing this like we are,” says Real Property Management co-founder and chief executive officer Kirk McGary. He tells me his company adopted a vision to strive to improve people’s lives and their communities by continuously elevating property management standards. He says that their core values include unwavering integrity, relentlessly innovative, unquestioning reliability, and sense of family. “It’s not about money,” he says. “It’s about reputation.”

Our research found that Real Property Management is a Salt Lake City based property management company that opened for franchising in 2005. Kirk is proud to explain that he and Doug Oler started the business with the idea that Kirk’s existing property management business in Layton, Utah would have appeal to entrepreneurs around the country. According to Kirk, Real Property Management has grown over the last ten years and they now have over 270 offices in the United States and Canada.

“I started working in property management back in 1986 with just 60 units,” says Kirk. “I found I was good at it, so I began expanding with family and friends. From the beginning, our business was firmly based on obeying the rules and laws for both property owners and tenants, and being honest with all sides all the time.”

Now, he says it’s about passing along that honesty to franchise owners to cement the reputation of his growing company. “Success is about honesty. Nobody on the planet can say we are at all dishonest,” he says.

For property owners, Real Property Management provides a wide variety of services including: advertising vacancies, screening tenants, showing available rentals to prospective tenants, signing lease agreements, collecting rent, conducting regular property assessments while the property is occupied, handling tenant issues, managing maintenance and repairs, staying in compliance with local, state and federal regulations, providing comprehensive accounting, and handling evictions, if necessary.

For tenants, Real Property Management provides assistance including: showing available rentals, conducting background and credit checks during the application process, signing leases and collecting deposits, collecting regular rent, managing maintenance and repairs, documenting the condition of the rental upon move-in and move-out, issuing security deposit refunds, and handling any other issues that may occur during the lease period.

Kirk is proud to tell me Real Property Management combines the strength of a national organization with local management. They were recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine for the last seven years as a top 500 franchise. For four consecutive years, Inc. Magazine named them an Inc. 500 company. In addition, they won the Utah Best of State award the last three years.

“Life is about more than money,” says Kirk. “Time is important to our clients. It is about doing things with people that really matters.”

So there you go: Real Property Management: Now you know what our investigation revealed about this company’s history and their commitment to customer service.

And now you know why I trust Real Property Management, and why I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

-Bill Gephardt

Service Provider, Subcontractor