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“He has helped me so much,” says sleep apnea patient Floyd Romwell. “I can’t explain how far he has gone to take personal care of me.”

“He was more interested in what would help me than what was sold,” added patient Alan Peterson. “He’s very good and very honest.”

Floyd and Alan are talking about Dr. Shad Morris, the owner of Premier Sleep Solutions in Midvale and St. George. The office specializes in treating sleep apnea, and largely fits patients with oral appliances to treat the condition.

“We are changing peoples’ lives,” Dr. Morris tells me. “It’s rewarding because we see so much success and so much change in peoples’ lives.”

Dr. Shad Morris is a long-time licensed dentist in Utah with an immaculate record, our investigation found. In fact, our investigation searched many items, including licensing records, state and federal court records, records in other states, and records showing how he and his office treat patients. As a result, I endorse Dr. Shad Morris and his company, Premier Sleep Solutions. I’m proud to stand by and support the company as Gephardt Approved.

“…I’m making a difference in peoples’ lives…”

-Dr. Shad Morris, Owner, Premier Sleep Solutions

Dr. Morris tells me he decided to specialize in treating sleep apnea after a friend died of the condition. “My friend Bob [from the Bryce Canyon area] passed away from sleep apnea because he wouldn’t wear his CPAP machine and he died in his sleep. I can help people, and that’s what I’m really doing in this practice.”

“It has helped me so much,” Floyd told me. And, as far as Dr. Morris is concerned, “It was personal. He took everything into consideration on what I needed done. He’s really honest.”

“He was great,” Alan told me in a separate interview. “He was straightforward and very honest as he gave me his true, honest assessment.”

“Each patient story is different,” Dr. Morris told me. “There are no two people who are the same, and I think that’s what keeps me engaged.

“I am making a difference in peoples’ lives. It’s extremely rewarding. I see it. My employees see it.”

“…He cared about me…”

-Alan Peterson, Patient, Premier Sleep Solutions

Dr. Morris tells me he does not actually diagnose sleep apnea. That has to be done by a board certified sleep physician. Many patients are referred to Dr. Morris after sleep apnea is diagnosed by that physician. Other patients who come directly to Premier Sleep Solutions are first referred to a list of those board certified sleep doctors.

Then, Dr. Morris takes over: “I’m a problem solver. That’s what I do all day. I solve problems. After a while doing it, you get pretty good at it.”

Patient Alan Peterson told me Dr. Morris didn’t mind losing some business if it was better to have some treatment elsewhere. “What impressed me was he was more concerned with what was going to help me, not what was sold,” Alan said. “He sent me to another specialist. He cared about me as one of his patients to reduce the apnea events. Whatever it took. His own product or something else. He just wanted to help.”

“I don’t run across that many people anymore who care like that,” said Floyd. “He’s very professional, and I’d send anybody to him.

“I deep sleep now. I dream now, and I never dreamed before. I sleep better, and I’m better all day.”

So there you go: “Premier Sleep Solutions” in Midvale and St. George. Now you know what my investigation found out about the company and Dr. Shad Morris. Now you know what I found customers’ experiences to be. And now you know why I endorse and support the company, and why I am proud to declare “Premier Sleep Solutions” Premier Sleep Solutions.

--Bill Gephardt

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193 Fort Union Boulevard, Midvale 84047, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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193 Fort Union Boulevard, Midvale 84047, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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