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3200 Club House Drive, Lehi 84043, Utah, Utah County, United States


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If you’re in need of insurance for yourself or your employees, and you’re looking for a company I trust, you could turn to MillerWade.

I have investigated MillerWade, and its owners Scott Miller and Brent Wade. I dug into their history, their licensing, and their services. I have looked at how they treat their clients. As a result of my investigation, I trust MillerWade and I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

“They did all of the leg work for us.” 

- Mike Edmonds, customer.

“Our company has been using MillerWade to gain health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance for our 500 employees for the past three years,” says customer Mike Edmonds. “MillerWade offers exceptional customer service that goes a long way for our employees. As a company, we switched our carrier, which meant questions from 500 employees. MillerWade, and their staff took calls, answered questions, and did all of the leg work for us. We really enjoy working with them.”

“MillerWade believes in a client for life approach,” says MillerWade co-owner Scott Miller. “When we opened our doors over 27 years ago we realized right away that we wanted to provide exceptional customer service that really helped people. We believe we have been doing that for nearly three decades.”

“We’re a full service insurance brokerage for medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental plans. We also have a division that specializes in retirement planning and 401k services. We’re a middleman that will work extremely hard for our clients and at no added cost to the client,” says Scott.

“We want a customer for life.”

When it comes to employee group benefits, Scott tells me there are several reasons to do business with MillerWade. “Our staff is certified and trained insurance experts. We’ve been brokering insurance for nearly 30 years and we have a great depth of industry expertise. We’re able to accommodate small and large businesses. We know what we’re doing.”

Scott tells me one of the many important things he does is consult others on complying with local and federal law. “It’s important that you find a person who really understands ‘The Affordable Care Act.’ The Act is in full swing and it’s vital that individuals and companies are compliant to avoid penalties. MillerWade is able to provide HR and ACA compliance workshops to help educate on the changes.”

“It’s easy to see that Scott has great rapport with insurance carriers.” 

- Allene Anderson, customer.

“The care and attention my company receives from Scott and MillerWade is extremely personable,” says customer Allene Anderson. “We have been using MillerWade for five years to handle insurance for over 75 employees. It’s easy to see that Scott has great rapport with insurance carriers. Whenever something comes up he is able to get the carrier to respond immediately. We love doing business with MillerWade, and we have recommended MillerWade to our own clients.”

“One thing that is really unique about MillerWade is our approach to customer service. If you have questions about a bill, need help finding a doctor, or need to file a claim you can call us. There is no need to call the carrier as we can help work through your needs. We find this type of service is really personalized to our clients and it helps eliminate the stress of working directly with the carrier.”

So there you go: MillerWade. Now you know what I know about the business. You know about their services, their licensing, and their customer service approach.

Now you know why I endorse MillerWade and why I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt


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3200 Club House Drive, Lehi 84043, Utah, Utah County, United States
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