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“He’s really a miracle worker,” says Stephen Alston after dealing with the Loan Remedy company and its owner Zach Coombs.

“We always said, ‘if you have a problem, give it to Zach,’” former Veterans First Mortgage boss Brent Hansen told me.

A problem solver seems to be precisely the reputation Zach Coombs wants. He says he began his company, Loan Remedy, after years of solving problems for customers at other mortgage companies: “I want to provide a cure to any frustration or bad experience anyone has obtaining a home loan.”

So, if you’re looking for a company I trust when it comes to mortgages, you can turn to a company I trust:Loan Remedy. I trust this company because I’ve investigated the background of the company and the owner, and the way they treat their customers. As a result, I’m proud to stand by and endorse Loan Remedy as Gephardt Approved.

“…He’s really amazing…”

-Stephen Alston, client, Loan Remedy

Zach says he gets a kick out of helping people get into home loans, and he says he has a lot of experience understanding and helping, especially veterans, get comfortable mortgages. “I worked for 5 ½ years helping veterans get home loans. I really liked that. It’s truly a rewarding feeling.”

“He’s always been truthful in our dealings,” says his former boss Brent Hansen. But it's always been Zach’s problem-solving abilities that stand out. “He’s an aggressive and assertive problem solver,” Brent told me. “I really believe in him.”

“Oh, yeah…he was teaching realtors things,” says client Stephen Alston. “Those realtors didn’t know about VA financing for property I wanted in Park City. And they didn’t seem to want to learn. Instead, the realtors steered me in other directions. But Zach went out of his way to get the property qualified within 2 weeks. He’s really amazing.”

“…that’s what I do: problem solving…”

-Zach Coombs, Owner, Loan Remedy

Yes, Zach himself prides himself in being a mortgage problem solver no matter who his client is. But just as important is accessibility: "I differentiate myself by asking ‘what are other mortgage companies not doing.’ Whether I’m responding to a text at midnight, or a phone call on Sunday morning. Whatever it is to make sure I’m always available.”

That is the culture Zach says he will maintain, always, at Loan Remedy. “I think a lot of this is building a strong relationship with a client, and then understanding them…understanding their motivation for a purchase. And then always being available.”

For Zach, he says it’s personal. “We will get the same or cheaper mortgage terms as anyone else. We’re very competitive in pricing. And I look at it like a life cycle relationship. If our profit margins are thinner, that’s okay because I hope they’ll come back and refer family, neighbors, and friends.”

But the aspect that both Zach Coombs and his clients kept returning to is problem solving.

“That’s what I do: problem solving,” Zach says. “Each loan is different. They all have different challenges. Maybe it’s an individual’s credit, or time on the job, or something that is keeping them from qualifying. It’s just a rewarding feeling to find a way to get them in a home.”

“None of my other real estate people had the drive to solve the problems,” says client Stephen Alston. “Zach is really impressive.”

“Give him a problem, and he’ll wrestle with it until he gets it figured out,” says Brent Hansen.

So, there you go: Loan Remedy. Now you know what my independent investigation found out about the company, and what customers told me about the owner. And, now you know why I’m proud to support and endorse Loan Remedy, and why I’m proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

-Bill Gephardt

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4568 South Highland Drive, Salt Lake City 84117, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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