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“He’s one of a kind,” says restaurant supplier Kevin Mackin of John L’Hote of LHotes Junk Removal. “He’s on time, honest, and forthright!”

That’s just one reason why, if you’re looking for a company I trust when it comes to hauling or cleaning up about anything, you can turn to LHotes Junk Removal. I trust this company because we have independently investigated the company and the owner John L’Hote. We went to public records, the courts, and other sources to search the company background, and the way the owner treats his customers.

As a result, I am proud to declare LHotes Junk Removal Gephardt Approved.

“…1/3 the cost of most companies…”

“My pricing is below average compared to other companies,” John L’Hote proudly told me. “In fact, I’m about 1/3 the cost of most companies. I think it’s a good deal for everybody.”

“…we need to be aware of recycling…”

-John L’Hote, Owner, LHotes Junk Removal

LHotes Junk Removal will haul about anything from washers and dryers to furniture. The company does property clean-ups both residential and commercial. That includes hot tubs, heavy machinery, cars, tires, mattresses…in short about anything.

“I recycle 50 to 60 per cent of what I haul.” That’s right. John says he takes as little as possible to the landfills, stopping here and there at various recycling centers to drop off what he might be hauling from a home remodel or clean-up. “Our landfills are getting fuller and fuller. I think we need to be aware of recycling. If it can be recycled, do that first. It’s better for the environment, and we need to be more aware of that.

“If I can donate it, I do.” That declaration is something for which I think John can be extra proud. He says stuff he hauls which might have a value to someone else, he donates to Deseret Industries, the Salvation Army, and churches. “I do it with a smile. I recycle.”

“…you just don’t find people like John anymore…”

-Nate Whitney, Customer

I contacted Roy Lyman, who is a customer of LHotes Junk Removal: “I’m impressed with John,” says Roy. “He communicates, and he shows up, and that’s hard to find nowadays. You just don’t find people like John anymore.”

Customer Nate Whitney told me, “He’s a great guy!” Nate says he’s used LHotes Junk Removal for apartment clean-outs and junk removal. “He is there on-time, and does the work. Just overall, his quality of work is impressive.”

“…he’s a man of the highest order…”

-Kevin Mackin, Customer

LHotes Junk Removal is a local, Utah company. Maybe that is why his customers are so happy with him, and he can brag about doing it all for less: “I just looked at what everybody else was charging, you know, the big boys. And I thought, well, I can give people a much better deal than that.”

And he does, while liking what he does: “I enjoy meeting new people. I like the work. I like to make sure things go very well for my customers. I like to give people a deal. I like people to get a deal. If I give somebody a deal, it makes them feel good, too.”

“He is a man of the highest order. If I had an employee like him, I wouldn’t need many others,” declares customer Kevin Mackin.

“You just don’t find these people anymore,” says customer Roy Lyman.

So, there you go: LHotes Junk Removal. Now you know what my background investigation has found, and you know what his customers have told me about him.

And, now you know why I stand by and endorse LHotes Junk Removal, and owner John L’Hote, and why I am proud to declare the company Gephardt Approved.

-Bill Gephardt