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“They were amazing!!” gushed customer Monica in Clinton.

“I’ve already recommended them to 6 of my family members,” customer Amanda in Ogden told me.  “Including my parents!!”

Those customers are talking about their experience with Legacy Roofing Company.  It is the type of reaction founder and owner Josh Carrion expects from customers based on the way he set up his company.

“…it’s a specialty to keep water out of the home, and keep people safe inside…”

-Josh Carrion, Owner, Legacy Roofing Company

“We have a process in place that makes it seamless from start to finish,” Josh told me. 

In an interview, I told Josh that I believe a person puts a roof on a home maybe once in a lifetime.  “I know that,” he said.  “So it’s my job to let them know their options honestly, and give them the final price before we begin the work.  I take care of each customer.”

Josh says you have to love what you’re doing, and teach employees craftsmanship:  “There’s a beauty to it.  There’s the way that lines lay on the roof.  When you finish, it is something that is just immaculate.  And your lines are so straight that they hurt your eyes to see that kind of finish I’m after on every single roof.”

“…they did what they said they were going to do, on time and clean…”

-Monica, Customer of Legacy Roofing Company

These are a few of the reasons why I trust Legacy Roofing Company.  Also, I have investigated the background of the company.  We’ve looked at the company’s licensing and insurance.  We’ve looked at state and federal court records.  We have investigated what customers think of doing business with the company.  As a result of all that, I trust and endorse Legacy Roofing Company, and I’m proud to stand by the company as Gephardt Approved.

“The crew was great,” noted Monica.  “I’ve had contractors before, and these guys were the only ones who did what they said they were going to do on time, and clean.”

“…we are the first and only company to certify with Tesla…”

-Josh Carrion, Owner, Legacy Roofing Company

Here’s another thing:  maybe you’re looking for a different kind of roof…maybe one made out of shingles that generate electricity.

“We are the first company in Utah that Tesla reached out to,” says owner Josh.  “We are trained and certified to install Tesla roofing. 

“The shingles are a quarter of an inch, and made from tempered glass.  There is a solar cell in each one that puts the sun’s energy into an inverter to convert it to energy that your home can use.  It’s a benefit to have us do it instead of Tesla because we’re local, and Tesla doesn’t have a team here yet.”

“They did anything we asked them to do,” declared customer Amanda.

No matter what kind of roof, his customers are the part that Josh emphasizes, and something he says he instills in every employee of every one of his roofing crews: “I want to be able to find as many people as I can that need roofing done right, and I want to work with them to show that there really is a difference.”

After Monica’s roof was installed and inspected, she says there was one more thing:  “Vanessa came over to give me a gift basket.  It wowed me!!”

So there you go:  Legacy Roofing Company.  Now you know why I trust this company.  You know what my background investigations discovered, and you know what customers told me.  And now you know why I endorse Legacy Roofing Company as Gephardt Approved.


--Bill Gephardt

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570 East 1700 South, Davis County, Clearfield 84015, Utah, Davis County, United States

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570 East 1700 South, Davis County, Clearfield 84015, Utah, Davis County, United States

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