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Laser Lipo of Utah offers an alternative method to reducing fat cells without intrusion into the body. We use a painless laser to reduce a patient's weight contour their bodies, and provide a healthy lifestyle for maintenance of what the laser does.


“I would definitely recommend these people,” Heather in Taylorsville told me.

“They did such a good job on my stomach and arms,” said Debbie in Lehi.

Heather and Debbie are talking about their experience with the Laser Lipo of Utah company in Riverton. Laser Lipo of Utah uses what they call a Strawberry Laser in a program to reduce a patient’s weight, contour their bodies, and provide a healthy lifestyle for energy and maintenance of what the lipo laser does for people.

I investigated the Laser Lipo machine and its effectiveness. I called the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and they told me “the Laser Lipo was evaluated for safety and effectiveness.” The spokesperson told me “the Laser Lipo was cleared.”

I also found independent studies which outline the safety and effectiveness of a laser lipo ( https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/lsm.22153).

In light of what I found, in combination with a thorough investigation into the background of Laser Lipo of Utah, and the owner, I endorse this company. We looked through licensing and insurance requirements, as well as state and federal courts. We also asked customers of Laser Lipo of Utah what they had to say. As a result, I am proud to stand by this company, and declare them Gephardt Approved.

“…Right off the bat I feel better…”

-Steve of American Fork, Patient

“It’s painless,” says company owner Jared Stokes. “People describe it like a warm towel.”

Jared says it is a much less expensive way to contour a body because it’s not intrusive. “The laser penetrates the skin 13 millimeters deep. It causes a reaction on the fat cell wall which basically allows it to leak. The fat leaks out, and the cell is left behind.”

A technician places the lasers over the area to be treated for about 10 minutes. Then it’s up to the body to rid itself of what the fat cell leaked through urination.

“I noticed right off the bat that I feel better,” says patient Steve in American Fork. “But it’s not a miracle cure. You also need to watch what you’re eating and exercise so what is removed doesn’t come back.”

“Exactly right,” says owner Jared Stokes. “I would describe what we do as a circle with three equal parts: diet, exercise, and laser lipo. There has to be a certain lifestyle change in addition to the laser treatments. We help with all of that.”

                                                                                    “…they’re so honest…they offer no false hope…the laser did it…”

-Norma of Lehi, Patient

Jared says he got into this business because of his grandmother. “She died from a heart attack from being obese. So, this is a personal thing for me. I’m trying to get people to live longer and healthier.”

“I really love these people,” declared Norma of Lehi. “I’ve told a bunch of my friends about this. My concern was with my stomach. I didn’t do any diet, per se. The laser did it.”

If you visit Laser Lipo of Utah, it’s likely you will meet certified technician Sarah Brown. “This has been my favorite job,” Sarah told me. “I enjoy the clients. I like to help them out. I get people who are overweight, and they just don’t know where to start or what to do or where to go. So, I get them started.


“…we stand behind our product, process, and our clients…”

-Jared Stokes, Owner, Laser Lipo of Utah

We don’t just have overweight people here, you know,” Sarah added. “We also get people who are very fit, but just can’t seem to lose that little pudge they have. We even have had people who want to be entering into body building competition, and they want to get that little bit of extra fat off so their muscles really show off for the competition.”

“I really like them because they’re so honest,” said patient Norma. “They offer no false hope…nothing magical. It will take some time, but the laser did it.”

“And I guarantee it,” says owner Jared Stokes. “We stand behind our product, process, and our clients. If they are not satisfied after the course of 8 visits, we will give them free treatments until they’re satisfied. And it’s an easy guarantee to make, really. We don’t have any dissatisfied customers.”

So there you go: Laser Lipo of Utah. Now you know what my background investigation revealed about this company and the strawberry laser lipo. And you know what customers told me. , now you know why I’m proud to endorse this company, and declare Laser Lipo of Utah as Gephardt Approved.

--Bill Gephardt


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