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271 South Main Street, Tooele 84074, Utah, Tooele County, United States

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Our primary goal at Gentle Touch Family Dentistry is to teach you and your family what causes oral problems and how to PREVENT them. Secondly, our dental team will carefully evaluate your needs and provide you with the most caring, gentle, thorough,

If you need a dentist, and you’re looking for a dentist I trust, you could turn to Gentle Touch Family Dentistry.

I have investigated Gentle Touch Family Dentistry, and its owner Dr. Clair Vernon. I dug into their history, their licensing, and their services. I have looked at how they treat their patients. As a result, I endorse Gentle Touch Family Dentistry, and I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

"The entire staff at Gentle Touch Family Dentistry is so nice,” says patient Connie DeSimon. “My family has been going to Dr. Vernon for over 30 years. We love going to his office because we never have to worry about anything. He fits us in if there is an emergency. We would never go anywhere else.”

“I sincerely care about the oral health of my patients,” says Gentle Touch Family Dentistry owner, Dr. Clair Vernon. “My determination of what a patient needs isn’t based on my financial needs. It is based on what the patient actually needs.”

“We offer evenings and weekend appointments.”

Dr. Vernon tells me he has been providing ‘a gentle touch,’ in Tooele County for over 30 years. “I love working with children, and adults. I have six children and ten grandchildren. I have had a lot of practice working with young children and teaching them about oral health.”

Dr. Vernon also tells me his teaching method includes lots of fun, and creating a positive experience for both little ones, and adults. “Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Not only do we want to help care for your teeth, we want to educate you about your teeth. It’s important we explain the causes oral problems, and how you can prevent them.”

“We’re honest and we care about the needs of our patients.”

“Gentle Touch Family Dentistry is your one-stop shop for your general dentistry needs. We do root canals, implant placements, crowns and bridges, wisdom teeth, and cosmetic dentistry. More importantly we realize that our patients have busy schedules. To alleviate some of the stress of getting into our office, we provide evenings, and some Saturday appointments.”

Dr. Vernon says his office accepts most insurance carriers but he also accepts patients without insurance. “We offer special discounts for patients who don’t have dental insurance. We also offer a free examination with x-rays to new patients.”

“I want my patients to know that every employee at my office cares about our patients. Some of our staff has been here longer than I have. We’re honest, and we will provide our patients with quality dental care which will last a lifetime, if they keep up with preventive care.

So there you go: Gentle Touch Family Dentistry. Now you know what I know about the practice. You know about their history, their services, and its owner. You now know how they treat their patients.

Now you know why I endorse Gentle Touch Family Dentistry and why I am proud to declare them the only Gephardt Approved dentist in Tooele County.

~ Bill Gephardt


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271 South Main Street, Tooele 84074, Utah, Tooele County, United States

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