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If you are looking for a company you can trust for your first or next mortgage, you could turn to a company I trust: City Creek Mortgage. I trust them because I have investigated the background of this company, and the way they treat their customers.
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I trust: City Creek Mortgage because I have investigated the company's background of and the way they treat their customers. In fact, I can find absolutely no complaints whatsoever, official or unofficial. As a result, I am proud to endorse City Creek Mortgage, and declare the company Gephardt Approved.

“It’s a relationship for life. Others provide a commodity, a mortgage. We provide advice and a trusted relationship for life.”

This is a company that I find truly unique when it comes to their claim that they want to form lifetime relationships with their clients.  They have client parties and get-togethers up to four times a year just to stay in touch. “We really are friends,” says partner and co-owner Mike Roberts. “This is our opportunity to stay connected with our clients. We can also monitor their financial situation, as life changes happen, and make suggestions to help them along the way.”

“Yes, we close mortgages, but we do so much more,” adds partner and co-owner Tobi Roberts. “If there is some small way that we can help our clients have a better life, make better financial decisions, have less stress, that’s what we hope to do. And our client events are just plain FUN!”

I have found that mortgage rates are competitive no matter where a customer turns but at City Creek Mortgage, Mike and Tobi stress that a closing is just the beginning of the value they provide. They promise to review each mortgage at least once a year to see if the balance or payment can be improved. “When we find something better, for those who qualify, we structure it so that there are NO CLOSING COSTS and the mortgage balance will not increase,” says Mike.

“City Creek Mortgage got started in 1998 after we were in the construction business,” says Tobi. “We found people were getting little financial direction and terrible advice. We saw a need, and wanted to be part of the solution. We decided then to be the most trusted, respected, and loved mortgage company in Utah.”

I went to one of City Creek Mortgage’s parties. Roughly 700 of their 2500 clients showed up. Clients worked hard to out-do each other’s praise of City Creek Mortgage.

“The party tells you the whole story, that they’ve got a bunch of fans out there,” says client of three years, Emily Ayre.

“That’s what makes us so different,” says Tobi. “Others provide a commodity, a mortgage. We learn about our clients’ needs so that we can provide personal advice and then build a trusted relationship for life.”

“I can’t guarantee that there won’t be turbulence in financing,” Mike told me. “But we can guide our clients through it. It’s not always an easy process any more, but you will close and we will always do what we promise. Money comes and goes. But, our reputation is more important than making money. That’s why we have never had an unresolved complaint. Never. We will ALWAYS step up to solve a problem,” he says.

Mike says sometimes he recommends that a person not get a mortgage right now. He says that once he analyzes a person’s total financial picture and finds that a hardship might develop, he shares that information with them. He will then recommend steps to be taken to improve their situation so they might get a mortgage in the near future.

“We are always there for our customers,” Mike says. “Sometimes it’s a loss of a job, an unexpected illness, or even a death. In those situations a mortgage is not even being considered. Sometimes they just need advice and options. We are honored to help!”

The lifetime relationship seems all important to Mike and Tobi. “We financially empower people and families year after year so that one day they can look back and be truly grateful for the relationship.”

So, there you go: City Creek Mortgage in Draper. Now you know what I know about the company. You know that the many clients I’ve talked to trust City Creek Mortgage. You know that my independent investigation into the company found no problems and no complaints.

Now you know why I trust the company, and why I am proud to endorse City Creek Mortgage and declare them Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt


Agent/Representative, Service Provider