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2015 Main Street, Logan 84341, Utah, Cache County, United States

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“They have been awesome from day one,” says customer Marcus McRenolds.

“We returned for our second trailer,” says customer Micki Harris.  “We’re super loyal just because of the way we are treated.”

These are just two of the customers I asked about Legacy RV Center in Salt Lake City.  And, Legacy RV Center has now purchased another Gephardt Approved company:  Castle Country RV Center in Logan, and Helper.  The main theme for everyone I called was zero pressure, and an authentic effort to really get to know everyone who walks through the door.

 “They offered to come right out to the campground and fix it…”

-Customer Dan Hubler, Legacy/Castle Country RV

“We take a lot of pride in getting to know all of our customers personally.  It’s our culture,” says partner Matt Richards.  He told me that’s why the name is Legacy RV:  customers become like family.  “You don’t just buy from us,” he said.  “We’re here to get to know you, answer questions after the sale, make suggestions on where to take your RV, and fully support you in all aspects of getting outdoors.”

“What they did for me was way beyond,” customer Dan Hubler told me.  “We had this problem with an electrical plug in the kitchen.  It wasn’t working.  They offered to come right to the campground right then and fix it.  Nobody does that.”

So, if you’re looking for a company I trust for the purchase of a new or pre-owned R.V., you can turn to a company I trust:  Legacy RV Center in Salt Lake, and Castle Country RV Center in Logan, and Helper.  I trust this company because we have thoroughly investigated the background of both the company and the owners.  We investigated their licensing, and we examined their records in state and federal courts.  Among many other things, we investigated insurance backgrounds and their records with motor vehicle enforcement.   Also, we have investigated how they treat their customers.  As a result, I am proud to support and endorse Legacy RV Center and Castle Country RV Center, and declare the company Gephardt Approved.

“We’re super loyal just because of the way we were treated…”

-Return Customer Micki Harris, Legacy/Castle Country RV

“We sell fun,” says partner Troy Bradley.  In fact, if you look on Troy’s calling card, he lists his official title as “Director of Fun.”  “We sell something that is fun, and it’s my goal that people have fun when they’re deciding what to buy.  I do that by getting to know them personally and helping figure out their actual needs.  My goal is to give customers the best buying experience ever.  There is never any pressure.  You’re here because you want an RV.  I need to get to know you so I can match you with exactly what you want, so you’re happy with what you buy.”

Indeed, that’s what I kept hearing from the customers I called.  “We returned to Legacy to buy a second bigger RV a year later, if you can believe it,” said customer Marcus McRenolds.  “We kept the first one and sometimes rent it out.  I found that when they [Legacy RV] tell you something, it’s absolutely true.”

All of this attention to customer needs comes from the employees, says chief executive officer Jason Haugen.  “Employees are the biggest asset you have in a company,” he says.  “I don’t believe we’re so much in the RV business as we are in a people business with our employees.  Customers feel it.  We sell fun, and that is at the true core, that we are having fun.  We believe in our employees. They have to feel happy, safe, and feel worth.  It all makes a better customer experience.” (Jason is featured in Cache Valley Family Magazine: )

“It’s an upbeat, super friendly place,” says customer Micki Harris who also purchased a second RV from Legacy/Castle Country RV.  “We’re super loyal just because of the way we were treated.  We didn’t even shop another dealer.”

“They take full responsibility if any problems come up,” says customer Marcus McRenolds.  “We had a little issue, and they fixed it right away.  They don’t blame others.  They just fix it.”

“I just love them,” declared customer Dan Hubler.  “It can be scary buying your first RV.  But they take that fear away.  They have an amazing power of connection with kindness, energy, and respect.”

So, there you go:  Legacy RV in Salt Lake, and Castle Country RV Center in Logan and Helper.  Now you know what my thorough investigation into the company revealed.  And now you know what customers told me about the company.  So, now you know why I’m proud to endorse the company, and declare Legacy RV and Castle Country RV Center as Gephardt Approved.

--Bill Gephardt

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2015 Main Street, Logan 84341, Utah, Cache County, United States

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2015 Main Street, Logan 84341, Utah, Cache County, United States

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