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2001 Warm Springs Road, Suite B, Salt Lake City 84116, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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Our licensed electricians, plumbers, furnace and AC technicians will give you upfront pricing before we begin a job, so you will not have any surprises with your project.

If you need an Electrician, Plumber, or Heating and Air Specialist, you can turn to a company I trust: Black Diamond Experts.

I trust Black Diamond Experts, because we have investigated their history, licensing, and the way they treat their customers. We have also investigated the background of owner Dan James.  As a result, I endorse Black Diamond Experts, and I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

“Most of our customer’s issues are resolved within that very same day.”

– Dan James, Owner, Black Diamond Experts

Owner Dan James tells us his company responds to any call quickly and efficiently, because there’s an office located in Salt Lake County and Utah County. “Our offices are fully stocked and prepared to tackle any electrical, plumbing, heating, or air conditioning service or repair,” says Dan. “It gives us a distinct advantage over other companies. We are able to resolve most of our customer’s issues within that very same day.”

Black Diamond Experts was started in 2009 and has recently expanded to offer full service to homeowners and businesses. Dan’s brother, Steve James, tells us they have been successful because of how they treated their customers. “Our goal is to do the very best job for our customers, at the most economical price. We can usually tell a customer right up front what the cost will be, so there are no surprises. But if we are able to do it for less than what we quoted, we pass those savings right on to the customer.”

“A referral from a happy customer is the biggest compliment someone can pay us.”

– Steve James

“Black Diamond Experts has experienced a tremendous amount of growth over the last few years,” says Steve James. “And much of it has been customer referrals. People appreciate being treated fairly and honestly, and the word gets around.”

But being the largest company in the industry is just not what owner Dan James wants. “Not spreading ourselves too thin is important to us,” says Steve James. “We want to be able to give every customer our full attention. We are not about sales commission at all. The customer is always first with us.”

“Our foundation is based on our reputation…”

“Do it right the first time is what we were taught,” says Steve James. “That principle continues to guide us today.”

To Dan James, doing it right means hiring licensed technicians. “Every one of our technicians is independently licensed,” he says. “That means they are all experts and professionals. We also have them on probation for 90 days, so if we find someone that cuts corners, they are gone. That is just not who we are.”

For the customer, Black Diamond Experts is ready to meet any electrical, plumbing, or heating and air conditioning need that may come up, but Steve James tells us that they really pride themselves on difficult projects. “We love a challenge,” Steve says, “and really pride ourselves on being able to finish tough jobs in a timely manner.”

It appears they are living up to the high customer service standards they have set for themselves, because our investigation found no complaints or any irregularities in their business practices whatsoever.

So there you go: Black Diamond Experts: Now you know the background and history of this company and how they treat their customers.

That's why I trust Black Diamond Experts and why I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt





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2001 Warm Springs Road, Suite B, Salt Lake City 84116, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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