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Utah’s Favorite pest control company serving Utah for Over 20 Years!


If you’re looking for a good pest control company, but are overwhelmed with the hundreds to choose from, let me introduce you to one that I trust: Beeline Pest Control, Inc. I trust them because I have investigated the way they do business and the way they treat their customers. My investigative team has not found any customer or business issues with Beeline Pest Control, and that is why I am proud to endorse them as Gephardt Approved.

Owner Tracy Teeples tells me his brother, Tyler, worked for the largest pest control company in the world for years, and finally started his own business in 1997. Tracy says Tyler founded his business on core principles of good, honest service with quality products, and those principles remain the same today. Tracy joined the company in 2001, and eventually took it over for his brother in 2004. “Today,” says Tracy, “we are the largest privately owned pest control company in the state and visit, on average, 100 homes per day.”

In fact, he tells me, they have experienced a 25% increase in grown almost every year they have been in business. The secret to this growth, he says, is really in his employees. “I won’t hire anyone that has worked for another pest control company,” Tracy laughs. “I am very particular about the way we do things, and often times they bring bad habits with them.” Tracy explains that each one of his new technicians have the opportunity to be paired with a fully trained and experienced technician to make sure they are well educated, and can answer all questions a customer might have, difficult questions like the life cycle of a particular insect.

“Many pest control companies don’t have enough technicians to be able to pair them up for such training,” he tells me, “but that is critical to proper training, and something I insist on. I make them run through every possible scenario, so they are prepared for anything.”

“I Should Have Called You First…”

Tracy also tells me it is very important that his office staff be fully trained and qualified to answer most any question they may get on the phone. This allows them to offer excellent customer service. “It really makes a difference to a customer when they are able to get an educated response to a question the first time, without having to be put on hold, and wait for someone that might know the answer, to pick up their call,” Tracy explains.

It is this attention to detail that has customers frequently tell him that they wish they had called Beeline Pest Control first. He says it makes a difference to your employees when they are able to work in an environment that educates and empowers. “There is a really high turnover in this profession,” he tells me, “but I have technicians and employees that have been with Beeline Pest Control for over 15 years. We are a family.”

So far, this commitment to properly educating employees and technicians has served Tracy well. “We have the best guarantee on termites in the state,” he says. “15 years, with no renewal fees. Through proper training and education on the laws and guidelines there are for termite control, I know my technicians know how to treat for termites correctly, the first time around, and have total confidence in offering this guarantee.”

He also tells me that he teaches classes for the Rocky Mountain Housing Association on bed bugs, both to educate and to make sure the proper information on how to treat for bed bugs is shared. “People will spend thousands of dollars trying to get rid of bed bugs,” Tracy explains, “and end up replacing mattresses, clothes, even carpet. That is not necessary. It takes about 3 treatments, but we can get rid of bed bugs completely, and any company that tells customers they can do it in less, just doesn’t know bed bugs.” He explains that a heat treatment is the only way to really get rid of bed bugs in one visit, but that involves heating the home up to 160 degrees, and removing anything that would melt, including artwork on the walls. “That is a really extreme treatment, and is just not necessary most of the time.”

When I asked Tracy what his goals for the future were, he explained that his main goal is really building trust in the industry. “Pest control has really gotten some bad press lately, and that has affected every business in the state.” “We don’t use any ‘industrial strength’ products, or anything that might harm a person or pet. The technology in pest control is so advanced,” he continues to explain. “For example, we have products that only activate when exposed to the chemistry of a particular insect.”

Safety is always the primary concern at Beeline Pest Control for both the customers, and his technicians, according to Tracy. “We make sure all of our customers are educated on the products used in their home or office,” he said, “so they can confidently refer their friends and family to Beeline Pest Control. 1/3 of our new business comes from referrals. Right now, we are large enough to be able to order our pest control products in bulk, so we can pass those savings on to our customer. For the quality of what our customer is getting, they really can’t beat the price, and I want to stay that way.”

So there you have it: Beeline Pest Control. With a strong commitment to continuing education, dedication to improving the industry, and a business philosophy that puts customers first, I am proud to endorse Beeline Pest Control as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt


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1740 South 300 West, Clearfield 84015, Utah, Davis County, United States

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