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323 North Main Street, Tooele 84074, Utah, Tooele County, United States

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If you've been looking for a Tooele plumber you can trust, look no further than All Types Plumbing, Drain & Rooter Services. We cater to your needs and work with your best interests in mind. Call today at (435) ­833-­9393 !

 “I really do trust this company,” says Annett Black, a customer of All Types Plumbing in Tooele.

“I love them to death,” declares Carl Justesen who has had All Types Plumbing work at both his business and his home.

That is precisely what company plumbing manager Alan Smith told me he wants his customers to say behind his back.  “I want to be the guy who is the problem solver, who can take care of any issues that may come up.  We want to be known for being dependable and reliable.”

In the decades Alan has been with All Types Plumbing, he says giving his customers what they want at a reasonable price keeps them coming back, and keeps his business growing.

“…trust is built up over time.  I trust this company…”

-Jeff England, customer

Indeed, that’s what I found in my independent investigation of the company. We investigated everything we could find in the company and owner’s background, including licensing, federal and state courts, regulator’s action (there were none), and customer reviews.  As a result, I am proud to declare All Types Plumbing as Gephardt Approved, and I’m pleased to endorse them, and back them with my $1000 customer refund guarantee!

“I got into plumbing in high school, part time,” Alan Smith told me.  “I really began to enjoy it because I found I could fix plumbing.  And, by the time I left a person’s house, they were happy.  They were happy I resolved the issue, and that’s what I started falling in love with.”

So, Alan says he began working for various plumbing shops around Utah.  “Pretty soon, I found out that as I moved around, my customers would begin calling and asking for me, personally.  If I had moved to a different shop, they would track me down so I could be their plumbing technician.  That really makes you feel great!!”

 “…I would like to be the guy you know…will not stop until we get it fixed…”

-Alan Smith, Plumbing Manager

“I really trust him,” says Dawn Quintana.  Dawn put Alan to the test:  “I asked him some tough questions about the job.  I respect the fact that he researched to find the answer rather than just making something up.”

Every customer I talked to raved about Alan’s knowledge, and the knowledge of his employees.  “I think I trust him because of my experience with him,” declared customer Jeff England.  “Trust is built up over time.  I trust this company, and I have recommended him to others.  And each one of those people has reported a good experience.” 

“And he’s really prompt,” says Carl Justesen.  “He hears you need help, and he jumps right on it.  I think the quality of service and the price is fantastic.”

“Being available immediately for emergencies is very important,” Alan told me.  “Call me at four o’clock in the morning, and I’ll go fix it.”

Alan Smith says he double checks to make sure every customer is happy with every visit by any one of his technicians.  “We call customers after we visit to be sure they’re happy.  We send out cards as well to find out how we did.  I don’t want anything to be wrong in a customer’s mind when we leave.”

“He’s got a quick response and he is willing to listen to his customers when he offers to help,” says Dawn Quintana.

“The company has helped us a lot,” says Jeff England.  “They take care of a mess, and the technicians we’ve dealt with are great.”

Alan Smith sums it up:  “I want to be known as the guy who solves problems others can’t find.  I would like to be that guy who you know will take of the problem, and we won’t stop until we get it fixed.”

“One time, he didn’t even charge me for frozen pipes,” Annette Black declared.  “But maybe that’s because I’m a frequent flier, and I use All Types Plumbing all the time.”

So, there you go:  Now you know what our background investigation revealed, and you know what some customers I contacted say about All Types Plumbing in Tooele.   And, now you know why I am proud to declare All Types Plumbing as Gephardt Approved, and I’m pleased to endorse them, and back them with my $1000 customer refund guarantee!

-Bill Gephardt


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323 North Main Street, Tooele 84074, Utah, Tooele County, United States

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