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2985 Main Street, South Salt Lake 84115, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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The Only Place to Go where the Service is All Pro!

If you are looking for a company you can trust when it comes to repairing appliances around your home or business, you could turn to a company I trust: All Pro Appliance Service. I trust them because we’ve investigated their business practices, and the way they treat their customers. As a result of that investigation, I am proud to endorse All Pro Appliance Service, and declare the company Gephardt Approved.

“We want to raise the standard of service in our industry,” said Leticia, Vice President and Owner of All Pro Appliance Service. It’s all about customer service. We can only prove how we feel about customer service by the way we treat our customers.

"We solve problems; we follow up on things, and never put off priority scheduling to get into a person’s home and always put our best effort to resolve their problems.”

                                                                          Leticia  --  Vice President and Owner of All Pro Appliance Service

In fact, when I sat in the offices of All Pro Appliance Service, all the owners and office manager could talk about was customer service, and improving customer service. “Referrals are extremely important to us,” said Gary, President and Owner of All Pro Appliance Service.  "We establish a base of customers, and we want them to know exactly what to expect based on their prior experience.”

Leticia is working to inspire all of the technicians to perform at their top level. She has created a consumer questionnaire which every technician gives to every customer to evaluate the service. Each questionnaire is placed in a sealed envelope to be opened only by Gary or Leticia. “We are focused on improving everything we do.”

“When I was a sub-contractor, I asked every contractor at the end of a job what I did well and where I could use some improvement,” said Gary. “It helped me try to emphasize my strong points, and improve on my weak points. 

"We want people to say our customer service is better than everyone else.”                                  -- Gary, President and Owner of All Pro Appliance Service 

If you call All Pro Appliance Service, you will likely talk to Wyatt the office manager. “Good communication with customers is the key,” he says. “We always call in advance to let our customers know we are on our way. And, if we promised that a part for an appliance was supposed to be delivered by a certain day, and it is not delivered by the manufacturer, we will call the customer and tell them.”

“We ask everyone at All Pro Appliance Service to have empathy for the customer,” says Leticia. “Feel what the customer feels, and treat them the way we would want to be treated.”

If a repair should fail, they say, addressing the problem becomes a priority and that customer is scheduled in the first available time slot. “There’s never an extra charge for overtime or a return visit for a repeat problem,” says Gary. “Of course, we want to get the problem solved the first time. But if we don’t, then we will stick with the problem until it is solved.”

As for the future of All Pro Appliance Service, they say they want to be around for a very long time. “We want to expand our present focus to include more electrical and plumbing work,” says Gary. Wyatt adds, “We focus on appliances, but feel free to ask any of our technicians about anything that has a motor and plugs in.” So, instead of calling 4 different companies, let us be your one-stop solution.

“Indeed,” Gary says, “for any job where we might not be an expert, with our 20 years of construction experience, we know a lot of dependable people who can do about anything that is required.”

So, there you go: All Pro Appliance Service. Now you know what I know about how they operate their business. Now you know the emphasis on service. Now you know why I trust them.

Now you why I am proud to endorse All Pro Appliance Service and declare them Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt



                                                  Salt Lake County (801) 983-3522

                                                  Davis County (801) 660-1963

                                                  Weber County (801) 823-2505

                                                  Utah County (801) 877-5447

                                                  Tooele County (435) 728-2505

                                                  Summit County (435) 214-2090

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2985 Main Street, South Salt Lake 84115, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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