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3588 South 500 West, Salt Lake City 84123, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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Action Garage Door & Service offers authentic talent in every installation we take on. Our work speaks volumes and we have dozens of satisfied customers who are contented with our high-quality work and our wallet-friendly pricing.

Finding a garage door company that you can trust to show up on time and charge an honest and fair price can be a real challenge. Let me share what I have learned about Action Garage Door. My investigation into this business found a history with no unaddressed issues or complaints. I trust Action Garage Door and am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

Business owner Ken Howard tells me his experience in the garage door industry began back in 1993, when he got a job working for Harrison Door in Las Vegas at age 18. “I enjoyed what I was doing, and when I moved to California a few years later, I started my own business,” Ken tells me. “I was the youngest person in the state of California to get his Garage Door Contractors license, and they gave me this big plaque for it.” Eventually leaving California and moving to Utah, Ken says he got his start in Utah working for the State Housing Authority doing maintenance. When he was ready to start his own company again, he got a Carpenter Contractors license as well when he started his business here. “When a customer wants more than a door, we can provide other services,” he says. “For example, we can build an entire garage, if that’s what the customer wants.”

It’s not just garage doors that Action Garage Door can provide, Ken explains. “We do all types of entry doors on from residential homes, to commercial sliding glass entry doors, and security doors.” In fact, he tells me Action Garage Door has fulfilled a number of commercial contracts with large businesses, such as Sports Authority, Home Depot, Sears, and Arbon. He also tells me they do all home warranties for First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation for Northern Utah. “Our customers trust us and know that we will work with their contractors to get the job done right.”

Over the years, Ken tells me one of their biggest strengths, is diagnosing problems. “Staying on top of new innovations in the industry makes us experts in troubleshooting and diagnosing problems,” he says. “In fact, we have other door companies that call us to diagnose problems for their customers that they just can’t figure out.”  It’s making the customers happy that Ken says is the focus of the business. “We don’t want just customers. We want friends,” he explains. “It’s a lot easier to have business discussions when your customers are friends. That is our goal.”

If things go wrong, and there’s a problem, Ken tells me they don’t stop working until the issue is resolved. “Being professional is very important to us, and I personally get involved with the customer to make sure they are completely satisfied,” he says. “Customer referrals are a big part of doing business and we make sure everyone is happy with their project. Most often any issue is resolved very quickly.”

Professionalism also means Action Garage Door answers their phones and services their clients outside of working hours. “One of the biggest complaint about my industry is that businesses don’t answer their phones when there are problems,” he says. “We hear all the time that someone has called four or five garage door companies before they called us trying to get some help and we were the first one to answer the phone. Although it can be very difficult to provide 24 hour emergency service, our customers come first, and always will.”

So there you have it: with a strong commitment to customer service, and a solid background in the industry, I am happy to declare Action Garage Door Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt

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3588 South 500 West, Salt Lake City 84123, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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