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Not all bondsman and bail bond companies are created equal. Here at AAA Bail Bonds, we pride ourselves on offering efficient, reliable bond services. We offer our services throughout the entire state of Utah.


If you ever find yourself, or someone you know, in criminal trouble and in need of a trustworthy bail bondsman, let me share what I have learned about AAA Bail Bonds. My investigation into this business found a history with no unaddressed issues or complaints that goes back over 30 years. It is for these reasons that I trust AAA Bail Bonds, and am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

Business owner Wayne M. Carlos tells me the story of AAA Bail Bonds began back in the late 1950’s, when his neighbor, a prominent business owner in the community, was contacted by an attorney in Davis County to open a bail bond business. “He ran his bail bond business for years, building a good, solid reputation in the industry. 34 years ago I bought the business from him, and have been involved in the bail bond industry ever since,” Wayne says.

When Wayne tells me he has been involved in the industry, he doesn’t just mean as a bail bondsman. “I was the Vice Chair of the Bail Bond Oversight Board for 8 years (2001-2009) and also I am the current Secretary Treasurer of the Utah Association of Professional Bondsmen and Agents (UAPBA) since the year 2000,” he tells me. “During that time, I was instrumental in helping get laws passed that have been critical to this profession, and aided in resolving issues relating to bail bondsmen and the Utah state Bail Bond Process.”

“I try to make the process as simple as possible,”

– Wayne Carlos, owner

Over the years, Wayne tells me AAA Bail Bonds and their qualified agents have seen every type of bail bond case posting bonds to get friends and co-workers out of jail, and helping to bail family members out as well. “When you get that call in the middle of the night, whether you are a spouse, parent, or trusted friend, it is already a difficult situation that you are being involved in,” he explains. “I try to make the process as simple as possible, and keep my fees fair and reasonable. At 2:00 in the morning, people will do anything to get their loved ones out of jail, and that is when they need help making good, solid decisions on their bail bond needs. AAA does not want to add to an already difficult experience.”

“Experience has taught me that I don’t need to take advantage of people to make money.”

- Wayne Carlos

Wayne goes on to explain that legally he can charge up to 20% of the bail posted, but he generally only charges 10%, which is the lowest premium cost by law. “I usually do a signature agreement only. Many other bail bondsmen will put liens on real property, but I have found a signature agreement works just as well,” he says. “Experience has taught me that I don’t need to take advantage of people to make money. It has also taught me to be a good judge of someone’s character.”

When things go wrong, and that defendant fails to appear, Wayne tells me the court notifies him that the bail is in forfeiture process, and he goes to work immediately gathering the details. “I work very closely with the courts to make sure defendants make their court dates. Most of the time, people want to resolve what they have done quickly and quietly, but every once in a while, someone jumps their bail,” he says. “I notify the appropriate agent immediately, and also work with the family member, or person who signed for the bail. Most often, these issues are resolved very quickly.”

Qualified agents make rapid resolution possible, Wayne says. “My biggest expense is bail enforcement,” he tells me. “Making sure people keep their court dates, and finding them when they run is where much of my resources go. We track people all over the country, and that’s why we use bail enforcement agents who are professionals, individuals with training and experience in the profession. “

“…we were the first one to answer the phone…”

– Wayne Carlos

Professionalism means AAA Bail Bonds agents strive to answer their phones and service their clients. “The single biggest complaint about my industry is that bondsmen don’t answer their phones in the middle of the night,” he says. “We hear all the time that someone has called 4 or 5 bail bond companies before they got us, and we were the first one to answer the phone. Although it is very difficult to service 24/7/365, that is the main goal of our agents.

With a strong commitment to the profession, and a solid history in the industry, I am happy to declare AAA Bail Bonds as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt



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