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A-Shed USA Inc is a builder of high quality, long lasting outdoor structures.  We strive to provide unmatched quality, top of the line products, and exceptional customer service.


If you’re looking for a company you can trust to build your shed, garage or any general construction projects, you can turn to a company I trust A-Shed USA.

I trust the company because we have investigated owner Sean Sant and his business A-Shed USA.We have investigated their licensing and history. We have investigated the way A-Shed USA treats its customers.  As a result, I endorse A-Shed USA and I am proud to declare A-Shed USA Gephardt Approved.

A-Shed USA has been providing great quality sheds and garages since 1997,” says owner Sean Sant. “For over twenty years we have been able to provide great quality and service to our customers, and our passion really shines through in every job.”

“I know I can rely on A-SHED USA in all aspects of their services.”

– Cory Fairbourn, customer.

“I completely trust A-Shed USA,” customer Cory Fairbourn told us. “The staff at A-Shed USA came out to my house, gave me a bid, and an accurate timeline of the completion. They were very fair with me and very honest. I am very impressed with the company as a whole. They have an awesome warranty and really trustworthy staff members.”

“Our warranty ensures our methods and materials to a higher standard!”


"That remark about staff is no accident, Sean says. It’s an aspect of his business he has cultivated, and something about which he is extremely proud. “Any good company will tell you that employees are their most valuable tools,” he says. “But our employees are OUR employees. Most of our guys have been with us for years. We treat them very well, and as a result, they take great pride in their work. They build great buildings

Sean says A-Shed USA is licensed in general construction and can complete any projects. “Our main services include building storage sheds, garages.  We even perform many jobs where customers design their very own building. A-Shed USA also specializes in concrete work, carpentry, framing, and about anything that has to do with construction."  

Then there is the warranty.  It is something Sean is very proud of:  I’ve always thought that when your company focuses on top quality to ensure that nothing will go wrong, you can offer a great warranty at no extra charge.

The A-Shed warranty is 10 years

"Our warranty is our pride," he says.  “One thing that stands out about A-Shed USA is our TRUE 10 year warranty. Our warranty is our pride. If something happens, we will be there to take care of it. Always. Our work is important to us and we know it’s important to our customers so our warranty is applied to all of our services.”

So there you have it: A-Shed USA. Now you know what I know about owner Sean Sant and his company.  Now, you know the way he does business. You know about the history and their staff. You know about the history of the company, and their staff.   You know the way he views and treats his customers, and his employees.

Now you know why I endorse A-Shed USA and why I am proud to declare A-Shed USA Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt


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