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“I think they are outstanding and honest,” declared Kem of Summit County when I asked her about her experience with Ace Handyman Service Salt Lake City East.

“I’ve used them twice,” said Amanda in Salt Lake.  “They solve the problem much more quickly than anyone else.”

In fact, all of the customers I contacted about Ace Handyman Service had rave reviews.  “Our goal is to have a customer for life,” said franchise owner Brent Anderson.  “I’m here for the long haul, and I want my customers to call again whenever they need something done.” 

The company will do for customers just about anything.  One customer told me Ace Handyman craftsmen hung expensive paintings.  Another said they fixed the sprinklers.  Others talked about the woodworking, door hanging, gutters, concrete work, general repairs, and painting the craftsmen performed.   

Brent told me, “I just find the right craftsman among our employees to do the job. If we are unable to do a job, we are upfront with the customer, and will recommend someone else in our network of businesses.”

“I’ve never found a better operation,” said customer Stone in Salt Lake.

“They find the right person in their system to do the job,” Susan told me.

That “right person” at Ace Handyman Service is an employee of the company, not just some part time guy.  The craftsmen Ace sends to your home are full-time employees who are background checked.  They are hired for their expertise in certain fields.  “The people I hire we background check, drug test, and check references.  It’s all the things that an employer like me should do with people because we’re sending them into customer’s homes,” franchise owner Brent Anderson told me.

In addition to that, we at Gephardt Approved have thoroughly background checked Ace Handyman Service.    We looked at their licensing and insurance.  We checked federal and state courts.  And we looked at how the company treats its customers.  As a result, I trust and endorse the company, and I am proud to stand by and guarantee this company, and declare Ace Handyman Service Salt Lake City East as Gephardt Approved.

"We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee."

-Brent Anderson, Franchise Owner, Ace Handyman Service

“They’re just wonderful,” said Amanda.  “They show up on time, and they even texted me when they were on the way.  They call back if you leave a message.”

That texting and calling is intentional in what owner Brent calls a policy of communication.  It sets him apart, he says.  “We will call the night before, and then call or text when we are on the way.  We will call and text to update the progress of a project.

“We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our craftsmen really want to get it right the first time.  In fact, before we even get started, we walk through the job with customer to be certain we can make them happy.  And, we will return if there are any problems.”

"They send quality people to do the job."

-Stone, Customer of Ace Handyman Service

“They are cost-effective,” said Amanda.  “It was a very effective use of my money because the guys really know what they are doing.  They’ve earned my trust, and I’ve sent them to others who have also been happy with them.”

Customer Stone told me, “They are unique.  They send quality people to do the job.  I have recommended them to others.  I had trouble getting good people before I got Ace Handyman Service.”

“My employees are passionate and very creative.  And they love to problem solve,” said Brent.

So there you go:  Ace Handyman Service Salt Lake City East.  Now you know what  my background investigation revealed about the company, and you know what the customers have told me.  And now you know why I am proud to guarantee and endorse Ace Handyman Service Salt Lake City East, and declare the company as Gephardt Approved.

--Bill Gephardt

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